So whether we like it or not (I love it!), fall is almost here. And as most of the people, I like it cozy.

So here are my 7 tips on how to make fall your favorite time of the year (and if it already is - how to love it even more) :

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Tip 1 - September Goals

Make your September goals! It will keep you motivated all through the month. My goals are that I'm going to update my Instagram more, read even more and that I'm going to learn more about Toronto since I'm going there in October!

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Tip 2 - Cafés

Go to cozy cafés in your town and have a pumpkin spiced latte alone with a book or with your friend, I promise, you will love it.

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Tip 3 - Enjoy The Rain

So I know many people that don't like rain, but it's fall, it will rain so why won't we just turn the way we look at "bad weather" to the cozy weather were you just can sit inside in your big yellow sweater and read to low music and hear the rain against the window. Sounds pretty great right?

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Tip 4 - Try Something New, Make A Change

Get yourself a new haircut, buy a new sweater or a new set up of books. Change is good, don't be afraid of it.

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Tip 5 - Books, Books, Books

I know, Youtube is amazing, but you should really start reading more if you aren't already. So next time you're on your phone, grab a book instead. You will love it.

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Tip 6 - Walks

How beautiful isn't the trees in fall? So take a walk, maybe with music or listen to the breeze. It's a good way to get inspired and clear your mind.

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Tip 7 - Fall Fashion

Isn't fall fashion the best? I mean, big sweaters, glasses, everything yellow and orange? I love it! So keep your fall wardrobe comfy but also a little bit sexy with a bralette.

That was some of my tips, but I still have loads of 'em left, so part 2 will maybe be up soon? ;)

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xoxo, J.