It’s September now and pretty soon there will be Christmas stuff in shops. I always find it way too early for Christmas decorations and chocolates to be sold in shops in September, but it happens. Every year I find it surprising, but now I should be use to it. Eventually it will get cold, but I have a feeling it won’t snow this year, because it didn’t necessarily snow last year or maybe the year before, so why should it this year.

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The earth is getting warmer as we speak. I know many people don’t believe in global warming, or just generally disagree with it, but how do you explain the change in weather, the rising sea level. Many things are happening to our planet.

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Hopefully snow will come, I like snow. I don’t like being it, but I like looking at it when I am inside. Looking out of my window and seeing sheets of snow that hasn’t been stepped in yet. Where I can see little sparkles of glitter reflecting the sun. Where I’m inside being warm and cozy.

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This is where I enjoy Christmas, having snow and chocolate filled in a small cupboard next to the TV. It’s not too early to talk about Christmas, it’s never early.

I know, it’s been a weird one, but hopefully you liked it, if you have Heart It.

Love Lucy.