Autumn has just arrived and the stores are full of new collections. But what are the trends this autumn?

Black and withe patterned clothes

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Black and withe patterned clothes are really trending right now, as some of you may noticed. You can find everything from pants with crazy patterns to simple stripes or just black and withe accessorizes. All you have to do is to decide whether to go all in or stay simple.

Red and Yellow

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These two colors have trended all summer and it doesn't end just because autumn is here. I personally love these to colors I think they bring color and happiness to the boring gray world we live in.

Flare sleeves

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Honestly I was very skeptical when I first saw it in the stores, but now I own two shirts with flare sleeves, but it's kind of hard to not get food on them when you eat;)

Puffy over-sized jackets

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This was a real celebrity-look witch now has become the jacket trend this autumn.


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You can always wear denim, but right now the world is denim-crazy. I would say the more the merrier, denim on denim, over sized, pearls and embroideries.

Crazy blouses

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I'm not a fan of blouses I think they're kind of boring, but this, I love the blouse-fashion right know, it's just so extra!


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I really love this fabric and I associate it a lot with autumn, so I'm planing to buy a jacket.


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If this isn't one of the most hyped things I don't now what.It's everything form embroideries to floral fabrics.

So this was eight of all the fashion trends this autumn. So heart it and send a postcard if you liked it and tell me if you want a part 2 because there are many more trends this autumn, I would really appreciate it.

// First of all I just want to say thank you if you came all the way down here:) This was my first article and I really enjoyed to make it, and I hope you enjoyed to read it. Second I just want to apologize for my English. I'm from Sweden so English is not my native language.
Love, Svea