You knocked on my door some time ago and you're actually noisy.

You remind me that 10 years ago, I was 9. I loved Tokio Hotel, Pokemon, and many such things which were super-commercial. I wasn't conscious of it at this time, but that was not really important.

Like a lot of people from my generation, I was very young when I went for the first time on the Internet. I had even a blog ! With many spelling mistakes, of course.

I listened Avril Lavigne, thinking I was such "Rock'n'roll" and I wanted absolutely to get an emo style for my 16 years old !

God, whom I changed !
Actually, I don't look like to all these things that I imagined when I was a kid. I have no super-powers conversely to Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I have not a "bad-boyfriend - but who is nevertheless nice and who was hyper-famous during college". Even not a Pikachu by my side. And no, I never won a Nobel Prize of science like I hoped it.

No, I am rather an ordinary girl with strange interests. I listen to musics that I am the only one to know. By the way, I understand nothing at all about the sciences. And moreover, I've always been single.

But I don't dislike what I am. Neither my no-style, nor my taste too much pronounced for the coffee. I appreciate my peculiarities as I like the kid whom I was.

Thank you for coming nostalgia.
I guess I'll see you maybe in 10 years old...?