I am a huge social media savvy!

I have accounts on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and this on WHI.
I like spending time with virtual friends. As you've known I am quite an introvert but nevertheless I find virtual people smart and interesting as opposed to real people. Anyway, my favorite and most personal accounts are Tumblr and WHI. Here, I literally don't know anyone. Everybody is a stranger and that's amazing to me. On my other rather public accounts, people I know follow me and I also follow them. We see what's happening in each other's life but only on a superficial level. Here on WHI and Tumblr I get to be very vocal about myself.

My Tumblr Life

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Tumblr saved my life. I was going through my emo phase in high school when I met Tumblr. The people in there helped me understand what I was going through and even encouraged me to inspire others through blogging. Ironically, my recent posts there (which were as of today like a hundred years old already) are about sadness. Going through those old posts makes me proud of how far I've come. Even when I still am haunted by occasional super sadness, I know I can always count on blogging!

I'm inlove with WHI

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Currently, I am falling more and more in love with WHI. Especially now that articles are out! Personally, I find it difficult to publish articles on Tumblr because it's aesthetically speaking not my type of visual. However, WHI has always been the inspirational with all these amazing bloggers! I'm not saying I don't like Tumblr anymore. It will always have a place in my heart but WHI is currently my most favorite place on the internet. I love the vibe. I love how we can reach out to people by just expressing ourselves. I'm in love with art!

That's all for this article.

Have a fab day!