Hello everyone! This is my very first article, and I'm so excited to try this new form of expression WHI has pushed out!

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Lately, I've been feeling incredibly excited because I will be starting my freshman year of college in just 10 days! However, I'm also excruciatingly anxious because I am going somewhere where everything is new and more difficult.
When I'm stressed out, I like to make lists. Creating these short litanies helps me feel like I'm in control and helps me take my mind off my current stressors.

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I wanted to share 10 different lists that you can create when you're feeling overwhelmed and need a relaxing distraction. I'm going to write a response for #1 today and, then, across the next few days, I'll post my responses to the other 9 lists.

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I hope they make you smile (;

I hope you create your own responses! Try and come up with 10 items for each list; there are no wrong answers. Please enjoy!


1. List things in nature that make you happy.
2. List foods/drinks that you enjoy.
3. List people you know and people you have never met that make you happy.
4. List your favorite aesthetics.
5. List your favorite things about each season.
6. List your favorite things about your crush/squish. If you do not have one, list things that you like finding when you meet new people.
7. List your favorite things about your favorite vacation spot.
8. List things you like about your personality/appearance.
9. List your favorite scents.
10. List the ways you can "fake it till you make" in being happy (I give credit to 52 Lists for Happiness for this last one. Check out the book for more lists!).


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1) Counting the rings on a tree to see how old it was when it was cut down.
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2) Petrichor: the pleasant earthy scent that follows rainfall after a period of warm weather.
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3) Rubbing rocks from creeks and rivers together to create "paint".
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4) The sweet aroma of jasmine drifting in through open windows on summer nights.
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5) Beautiful sunsets that paint the sky red, pink, orange, and purple.
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6) The smell of pinecones and pine needles that bring Christmas nostalgia.
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7) The deep red bark of fallen California redwood trees.
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8) Vines that climb up buildings, taking back what is theirs.
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9) The quick skittering of lizards on crunchy leaves when you walk near them.
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10) The vibrations of crickets emanating from bushes at night.
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11) The cool breeze that settles in after a hot summer day.
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12) Smooth rocks that skip over smooth water when you cast them out.
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13) Clouds that form objects in the sky.
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14) The trickling resonance of creeks undulating over rocks.
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15) Warm sand that greets your feet on the beach.
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16) Ocean waves transforming sharp, dangerous pieces of glass into smooth, beautiful collectible pieces of art.

I really enjoyed writing this article! Catch my next list: Food/drinks that I enjoy! In the meantime, have fun making your own lists! If you decide to make an article out of your list, tag me, so I can read it!

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