Dear reader

I hope you are well. This title may have caught your attention, maybe because your having a bad day and need some motivation to keep going, or maybe your just curious to see what this entry has to say. Either way I hope you find what your looking for in these words I write to you today.

Life is both rewarding and disappointing, I know this for a fact, and to be fair you probably know this too. We don’t always get what we want, but when we do we are over the moon. Sometimes it is a materialistic object that we desire or sometimes it is a particular person. No matter what the situation may be or what it is you want or don’t want, fight for it. Don’t let anyone bring you down, you are beautiful courageous and kind. keep ur head up. Believe in your goal/s and believe in yourself. You are one of a kind, radiate your eccentricity. Believe, and you will achieve. Yell at your neighbours cat if you have to, scream out I love you to the one you have been longing to be with for months/years. Eat as much as you want, drink as much as you want, kiss your crush, talk to him/her, get that A you always wanted in that really hard subject, go to that place you’ve always wanted, go slap your ex or that person who keeps bringing you down in the face for having dumped you or having ever made you feel bad about being yourself, yell at them, scream at them then hug them and thank them for making you realise you have always been better off without them because you are stronger then you had ever thought you were, pull your crown up from this minor slip, adjust yourself on your throne and rock it.

Lots of Love me