Finally, I managed to write my own article! For me it was a real problem,because I simply didn`t know about what I want to write.) I like many films and series( espesially about space,aliens and stuff), but most of all I admire Star Wars.
I really like everything about these films.I love the original trilogy, the new films like the Rough-One and The forse awaking. I like all characters of Star Wars fandom because they`re all unique and wonderful! All good guys like Luke , Leia, Finn,Han, Poe and Rey are fighting for the Resistance for the freedom of the Galaxy.Their courage inspires me everytime I review the films. Surprisingly, twice as much I love the Dark Side. All characters of the Dark Side like Dart Vader , Kylo Ren, Orson Krennic and General Hux are really complex. I often like "bad guys" in books and films and sometimes I wonder what has happend in their lives that they became so rude and so evil. With Kylo Ren it seems obvious , Snoke has guided him to the Dark Side of the Forse , but why Kylo listened to him - nobody knows. I wiil be very happy, if I know something new about Kylo`s past.
Also I would like to write here about the "magical Force", which connects everything in the Galaxy. I think,it`s someting average between the religion and magic. It`s mystical and powerful. It could bring the Light or The Darkness.Jedi and siths are different and similar at the same time. I find it very exciting and thrilling. I can talk and write about Star Wars for hours ^-^, because I realli like everything about it)
(P.S Sorry for my English. I`m not a native speaker ^-^)