As you maybe know, I come from The Netherlands. I think it's a beautiful country, so here are a few reasons why you should visit The Netherlands :)

1. Amsterdam
The capital and also the biggest city of Holland: Amsterdam. Enjoy the canals, cute houses and many historical places and museums, like The Anne Frank House.

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2. Landscapes
Even though our country isn't big, there are lots of different landscapes. Visit the typical Dutch windmills at Kinderdijk, the flowerfields at The Keukenhof or the beaches in the North and West of Holland.

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3. cycling
Especially when you hate mountains, Holland is the perfect place for cycling. We have no mountains, even hills are rare. Enjoy the beautiful landscapes and see everything from a totally other view than from your car!

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4. Ice skating (when you come in winter)
The Dutch just love ice skating, we really do. So if you come in winter and it's cold enough, just grab those ice skates!

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5. Typical Dutch holidays
If you come in December or April, you can enjoy two typical Dutch holidays: Sinterklaas (5th December) and King's Day (27th April). Sinterklaas looks a bit like Christmas, but it's different and we only celebrate it in The Netherlands. King's Day is on the birthday of our king and on that day the entire country colors orange, the national color. There are lots of festivities and markets and it's always a lot of fun!

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6. Visit 4 or even 5 countries in one day
For the most people it's difficult to visit many countries in one day, because the countries are so big. Well, you don't have that problem here! You can drive through Holland, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium and maybe France in one day!

7. Typical Dutch food
There are so many tasty things to eat here! Think of oliebollen (fried dough balls we only eat on New Year's Eve), herring, Dutch pancakes, boerenkool (cale, potatoes, bacon and smoked sausage), poffertjes (kind of mini pancakes), stroopwafels (waffles with syrup between them) and so many other things!

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8. We've got Heineken
Do I need to say more? It's a Dutch company, you know, so you can find it everywhere.

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9. Islands
We've got 5 small islands in the North of our country, called Texel, Vlieland, Terschelling, Ameland and Schiermonnikoog (try to pronounce that, lol). Amazing to take a look!

Island, landscape, and lighthouse image

10. The language
Dutch is just amazing. It sounds cool, we've got words you English guys can't pronounce (but they say Dutch is one of the easiest languages to learn if you're English, so I don't know...), and there aren't many people who can speak it. Amazing, right?

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So, was this enough for you to come to The Netherlands? Feel welcome! Hope you enjoyed this!