I just got really inspired by TV series, that I just watched. Let me tell you, I understood one thing once and for all. BEST YEARS OF YOUR LIFE ARE THE ONCE YOU LIVE LIKE YOU ARE THE BEST.

So many times I heard people saying: "Teenage years, when you are still young beautiful, are the best once". I don't say it's false, but you are young and beautiful not by your age definition. It's the way you feel.

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You can have your best years when you are an adult with your best friends and people you love and carrier you always wanted to. You can live your best years by having a baby. You can live your best years just by spending them somewhere alone or in a foreigner country. So many ways!

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It's all about what you see as those best years of your life. We all have them now or later.
If you feel like your life sucks, it means, you just have to work harder. Hard work will settle and perfect moments will bring you joy.

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I love you so much, so please wait. Best is yet to come.

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Be strong, brave, bold, be you!