I've always been seen as the nice, good girl with perfect grades. The one who studies hard to have straight A's. The one who wouldn't hurt anyone or anything, not even herself. I've always been the teacher's favorite.

It has its pros and cons. The biggest con of all these false assumptions is basically... that they are false.

When somebody assumes something about you and their view is set in stone, it's very hard to break it to let them see the real you, hidden under the cotton candy facade. And when you do or say things that are real to you, they refuse to see them, so that their vision remains unshattered.

They don't actually see the invasive thoughts that are in my head constantly, they don't know about the number of hours I've spent in my bed, scared, paralyzed and crying. Sweet sixteen you say? Those were times of crawling through hell. Five years later and I still have so much to get rid of.

"She said a curse word! She must be really mad!" is a thing I've heard many times. Darling, I'm glad you're not near me when I'm alone.

"Come on, YOU have a dirty mind? Don't be kidding me, you can't have." Ok, my dearest friend, then I will not tell you about the gay stuff and fanfictions happening inside me.

"Ooh, you fell in love with a girl? That's so sweet!" No. It's a bloody hell. Especially when she doesn't reciprocate. But that actually works (or rather does not) with every. single. crush. ever.

"What? You play video games? And Minecraft? Isn't that just wasting your time?" No, sweetie, it actually means a world to me. There's a community based around this. And I feel safe around those people.

"You've seen Matrix? Wow, I didn't even expect that!" Honey, and what do you think I watch? My Little Pony and Adventure Time?

"Wait. You want a septum piercing? You have such a lovely face, why destroy it with such a thing?" That. That thing. I didn't hear this from my grandparents. It was, again, my friend.

And so on and so on. Then you come home, and you hear this:
"You're exhausted? From what? You've just been in school where you sit all day, I go to work and take care of this household. It's me who should be exhausted."
Yes, mom. I know. School isn't exhausting. People are great. My thoughts are lovely as unicorn poop. Everything is beautiful and nothing hurts.

But yeah. I am that lovely young lady whose mind is clear as a cloudless sky and whose soul is light as a feather. There is nothing hurting me, no threats in my own head, no fears. I am energetic and spend my free time studying. Thank you for assuming.