From the previous episode of Teen Wolf our poor Brett is still in the woods being hunted by Gerard and Monroe. Scott, Malia, and Argent are still trying to figure out who the bullet belongs to. While the rest are still struggling in surviving being a normal teenagers.

In this episode of Teen Wolf, Mason is having a hard time trying to get the after images of the dead body inside his mind, and he keeps on seeing it everywhere - palinopsia. And he doesn't know how to stop it.

Mama McCall wanted to get some DNA from the dead body that they found. But the thing was scaring the shit out of her to get the DNA. It seems that it is giving her a sense of fear. So, she called Papa Argent to help her with it but he was also really terrified of it but they managed to get it done. Even so, after that, they tried to figure what the DNA is from but it was just a nothing.

While Brett is still being hunted by the hunters, Tori, his sister got worried and went to ask Scott for help. Brett left behind some clues so that they can locate him. All of that brought them into the tunnels.

In the tunnels, Scott got hurt while trying to save Tori from the trap that was set up. Everything is slowing down because they found out that Brett was poisoned and there wasn't any time left. So Liam and Tori went to search for Brett themselves leaving behind Scott and Malia.

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Malia and Scott stirred up some romance when they were left alone.Scott got hurt but Malia couldn't get the pain out of him.But as soon as she cups her hands on his face she managed to get it out of him.

why do I feel that Scott is able to date every girl in the show? I mean like he dated Allison, then he kinda got something with Lydia, then Kira and now Malia. Just Wow

Meanwhile, Lydia was trying to find where Brett is using her powers but instead, she found something else, Number 68 that belongs to Nolan who previously stabbed Corey with a pen showing to the public that he's healing and giving fear towards everyone in the room to go against Corey as well.

They finally found Brett but he was already on the verge of dying. But what they did not know is that they were falling into another trap that Gerard and Monroe set up. As soon as Tori and Brett got out of the tunnels while Liam trying to stop them but they've got hit instead by a car and died.

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Liam got really mad and turned in front of everyone in the neighborhood. And this was the trap that was planned because Gerard wanted the public to be afraid of the unknown supernatural beings in Beacon Hills by going against them.

Meanwhile, Papa Argent has a thing going on with Mama Argent when he sent her home and taught her on how to use the gun. So that she can protect herself and I totally ship this! But it would be weird for Scott since she dated Allison before.

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But Rest in Peace Brett, thanks for being that cute character that usually tests Liam's patience and being a good lacrosse player while taking care of your sister, Tori. You will be missed (cries).

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