I know we don't know each other that well so I'm gonna be honest with you. Though a daunting task at times, I need you to make me love more.

Combat all of my complaints and fears and put them back in their place. I wanna feel it. The warmth of your breathe, all of your weight against my back, and the brush of 2 red pilgrims across a foreign landscape.

But be gentle.

Don't mistake me for someone who would forfeit my gifts just to make room for yours and don't be afraid of our task; in many ways I'm helping you to do the same things. I want this to be an agreement that 2 lovers share in complete confidence of each other. Finally in peace.

I never understood why love has to be so violent when you're young. I just want to be comfortable.

I don't wanna scream
I don't wanna bitch
I don't wanna scratch
I don't wanna hiss
I just want to hear your moans like when you're sipping fresh coffee while you stroke my p***y ever so softly.