yep, you guessed it im just another person that has no self love trying to help other people love themselves.

your stretch marks are beautiful and unique, no one else in the world will ever have the same marks as you. do you not realise how amazing that is? stretch marks are your tiger stripes, you are fierce, strong and you can overcome anything you are faced with.

your cellulite is NATURAL, cellulite is beautiful. The way your legs touch when you walk, each step making everyone aware of your beautiful presence

Your love handles are beautiful, heck, your partner needs something to grab onto ;)

Small boobs are beautiful, so are big boobs.

Your freckles are so adorable, a dot-to-dot on your face, how incredible is that? the way your hair tickles you back is somehow comforting. The way your left cheek had a dimple when you smile is fucking stunning and the way your ears stick out a little more than other reminds me that we're all perfect in out own little way.

i will make another article when his gets to 100 likes.