Ten tips for studying for upcoming exams and assessments

Push yourself because, no one else is going to do it for you

September 2, 2017

In the next upcoming days I have assessments due, those of which are to be done in test conditions. Here is my guide to make studying easier and more efficient.

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1 - How to look at studying
So many people are looking at studying as pressure to do good in the upcoming tasks. By looking at studying in this point of view your not going to enjoy yourself, let alone to learn anything!

The key to studying is to have an open mindset. Yes, this can be difficult to achieve if your not having a great day. If you day has had many bumps to it, I would advise that you continue your studying when your calm and relax as then you aren't rushing anything and not congratulating yourself with how much work you have done.

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2 - Schedule your studying
Being able to schedule your study time will make your life so much easier! Instead of you "forgetting" what you have to study for and remembering at the last minute and doing it all before the due date can be really stressful.
By having a schedule you'll be better prepared as you won't have to cram in everything at once.
For me I personally spend 1 hour each day working at my assessments which in fact has benefitted me so much and I hope you can benefit it by it too!

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3 - Study environment
Many people I personally know spend their time studying in the wrong environments. In this case I am talking about TV's, phone, social media and all of that jazz.
Instead of studying in that type of environment why not try out the library? You could go after school and spend quality time there as it is quiet and there sure won't be many distractions.
I for one like to study in my room when no one is home, as it is nice and peaceful and when I have the chance I like to pop into my campus' library as it's open at a convenient time before and after school.
Next time when you have to study and you can't find a decent place keep in mind what I've suggested.

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4 - Write out notes and colour code
By writing out notes you are able to remember it better. Colour coding is also very efficient as you can easily find what is what. Many people do find this beneficial.
Remember when writing out notes that you write it in your own words so it will make it easier if you have to write an essay on the topic.

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5 - Remember to take breaks
Whilst studying you may be like me and get carried away with what you are doing and not take any breaks.
You should divide up what you should study and then take a little break ( 5 minutes ). You don't want your break to be too long though otherwise it will be harder to get focused again.
You could divide up your study time by doing 1 hour and then have a drink to refresh and then start back into it or do so many questions/pages and reward yourself with a lollie as it is way much more enjoyable then studying for a straight 6 hours ( believe me ).

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6 - Criteria
Teachers usually hand out a criteria sheet, this is what they are expecting. Whilst taking notes in class remember what's on the criteria sheet as that way you can see how much marks you can possibly get if you do what the highest mark is expecting.
If you do by any chance get a low mark I'd advise to talk to your teacher or read the feedback notes on how well you went and what you need to improve on and focus on the more next time!

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7 - Stay healthy
Staying healthy is a big part of being successful in studying as when you eat junk and not getting enough exercise you can become fatigue and get tired and won't be able to focus properly.
Try eating greens and fruit as well as have vitamins if your not able to always consume a healthy diet. Go for regular runs in the morning instead of catching the bus same with coming home from school.
Trust me you will feel so energised and pumped for studying that you'll feel even better when you complete it!

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8 - Study with friends
By studying with your friends you can take in turns by testing each other based on the questions you've just studied. You can also exchange ideas with each other but also keep in mind your practically studying for yourself but you have someone else studying with you... If you get what I mean.

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9 - Flashcards and substitues
By using flashcards you are building up your knowledge by memorising the answers / what's on the card.
Also if you have to remember something like:
You can substitute is for a silly phrase you made. The way I remembered that was by this phrase:
I know it may seem stupid but it works 100%.

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10 - Don't bring unnecessary miscellaneous to study
Definitely don't bring anything with you to study like phones, computers, iPads any of that unnecessary stuff that can distract you throughout your study time even if you need a computer to refer back on something don't get distracted by checking Facebook or writing emails as that is what you don't need to be doing whilst studying.


I hope these tips will help you in future assessment and/or exams.
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