pt 1:

4. singing in the rain by jinsoul

i recently found out about this song aboout 2 weeks ago, before i only listened to eclipse but this one blew me away since it is more upbeat with also a dancbreak. i also love the bridge as well, and this is prob loona's best music video out of them all.


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5. Talk To Me by red velvet
this song is from their rookie mini album. this honestly could be played in america since its so poppy, and the unusual use of the reversed vocals and the drum (?) thumbs towards the end made it even better


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6. liar by clc
liar is the 1st song off of their crystyle album. honestly all of the songs on that album are good, but i like this one more because of how their voices go with the beat in the chorus and also how they introduced the song with a small acapella


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