im 16 now. im officially grown up when im 18. however im pretty sure i wont be able to do much since i wont have money. so when i DO grow up with a job and living alone, these are the things i want ha ha

1. a dog.

cats are lame. dogs r fun, cute, and u can like??? interact with them? usually when im bored i would watch how dogs are like when someone thats been away for a long time comes back and theyre so happy. i wanna see something happy about my existence for once : (

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tbh i dont want a specific dog i just want a cute one!!

2. a journal.

i am seen as a creative and original person (from mbti types) so having a journal would be nice to write creative ideas and small notes that i would think of. im usually thinking about a lot when listening to music, and journals are really pretty (the ones i see on tumblr and whi are)

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3. a boyfriend??

im an introvert? so i dont talk to a lot of people unless of comfortable around them. having a friend or lover is cool tho but having someone that loves me for me is impossible but i want it give it to me !

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wait for pt 2 ahahahah