Imagine a movie about a man who absolutely adores a woman and does everything to get her. She is the love of his life and he will kill for her. But then he slowly gets into a life of crime to make money and realizes he loves power almost as much as he loves her. He eventually becomes a crime boss. She sticks with him through it though. But their relationship/marriage is put through the ringer and the young love they once had is slowly starting to fade. They are fighting and he is now beating and threatening to kill the woman he once would kill for. He is too deep into crime and is controlling her. She tries to get out and go behind his back to have him killed. He finds out and because he loves power too much now at this point he has to kill her.

The final scene, with this song playing, is his goons dragging her down a long hallway to do away with her as he watches in tears, seeing what the woman of his dreams has now become to him. She is now a shell of that woman he adored before he even knew her name. She is being dragged looking at him, begging him and screaming for her life. He closes the door. Fade to black