2nd September 2017

Sport is pretty much how I would describe my life. Any spare time I have, I'm either playing, training for or watching sport. I do Athletics and Cross Country plus Netball. I love my AFL, I barrack for the Geelong Cats, obviously the best team in the league.....and the premiership will be ours this year! I go for the Melbourne Vixens and the Australia Diamonds in Netball. I hardly follow the NRL, but I guess I go for the Melbourne Storm. In NBA, I go for Golden State, although I hardly watch it. When it comes to cricket, I go for the Melbourne Star in the BBL, and of course Australia as well. Right now, I can't think of any other sports teams that I follow, so there you go.

Today's Netball Game
Today, we won netball, no surprise. My team is really good, and we're playing against so many easy teams, so we always smash them all. Today the score was 28 ~ 7. The team that we versed, last time we versed them, it was a draw, so we've improved by a lot. I played GA (Goal Attack) for the entire game, and I played alright, but not my best. I get the majority of the goals in my team, but today I was just rushing my shots at goal. It felt great to beat that team because I was versing this girl that I know but really hate. She thinks we're friends, but she just tries to flirt with every single guy and is super rude. She kept yelling at her teammates when they made mistakes when she was the worst on the team...haha lol. I loved playing today because I didn't play last week because I was on camp, and then the week before that, our game was cancelled due to the rain. Hopefully we can go all the way to the grand final this season!

My Brother's Footy
My younger brother played in his footy grand final today....and he lost. They end score was something like 70 ~ 15. Ouch. They got absolutely smashed, but my brother got Best on Ground somehow, and then he just got his Team's Best and Fairest. He's also on track to get the Best and Fairest for the entire league! He's actually really good at footy though. Okay, so the funny thing is, that he plays in the ruck, which you're meant to be tall for. And my brother is actually the tallest in his team, and probably the entire league. The thing is though, my entire family except him is short. So somehow my brother just got tall and I didn't. So unfair. He's in the Under 12s, and I swear all the players on both teams except my brother were TINY! Like, heaps of them looked like 6 years old! Anyway, tonight I'm going to his footy breakup tonight....just because there's food there lol.

Geelong vs Richmond
Next week, my footy team, the Geelong Cats are versing the Richmond Tigers in the AFL Qualifying final next week. Last time we versed them, we absolutely outplayed them even thought we only won by 15 points. Recently, a few of our clutch players were absent due to injuries, but they will be back next week! So, we have the best player from 2016 (and still arguably the best) Patrick Dangerfield in our team, and Richmond supposedly have the new best player in the league Dustin Martin in their team. Last time we versed them, Patrick Dangerfield absolutely demolished Dustin Martin, so yeah. Hopefully we beat Richmond convincingly next week. So many people that I know go for Richmond, so hopefully we win so that I can have bragging rights over them!

Knee Injury?
So, I think I have some kind of knee injury. About three weeks ago, my knee started to feel very sore and uncomfortable. On Wednesday at Athletics Training, I did my warm up run, then I had to walk down these stairs and my knee started to absolutely kill me. My coach said that I just need to rest it a bit or something, but I didn't listen to him and I just had to play netball today! My knee was actually fine during the game, it wasn't sore at all. Right now as I'm writing this, I'm icing it. Even though it isn't sore, I'm still trying to be cautious, because coming up I have 3 really important races, plus Netball so yeah. Hopefully it's nothing serious and heals quickly!

Thanks for reading this! I'll probably write a sport review like this every single week, so get pumped!
Lots of love