Hello My Little Fellows,

Its me, your cult leader, Speckledmutt. This will be my first official blog. (HURRAY!)

My into: She/Her
Zodiac: Scorpio
Hair: Dark Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Heritage: Polish (Fathers side)/ Scottish (Mother side)

So a little more about me, I live in the Lone Star State and I'm hoping to move somewhere colder. Most of the time its like a thousand degrees one moment then hailing the next, but most of the time its smoldering hot and humid. During the winter time when it reaches 50 to 40 degrees you can usually find me in shorts and MAYBE a sweat jacket on. Maybe I was just born to live somewhere that is cooler and mostly cloudy. I also love the wind, which might sound weird but I love listening to the sound of the wind rushing through the Liveoak leaves.

Likes: Learning about new cultures, Art videos, Finishing a good book, Painting with watercolors, Being out on a lake, Hiking with my best friends, Walking my dog (Bradley, He's a Collie), Watching a GOOD horror film, Anime, A really nice highlight, Tattoos, etc.

Dislikes: Hypocrites, Cheaters, Dishonesty, Basically people who aren't Loyal, People who jump to conclusions before actually getting to know me, Jeans that don't fit right, Soups, Chowders, Brothers, Stews, People who sag their pants, Bad horror films, Sunburns, Drugs (Not for medical use), Abusive people, people who think I'm kinky or emo because of my zodiac ( I AM NEITHER ), etc. But anyways...

Thanks for reading my Mellow Fellows. Hope you enjoyed getting to know me, Speckledmutt!