1. Hoes > Bros
2. NEVER go after your best friend's boyfriend/ crush
3. Ex's are off limits
4. Slut shaming is not prohibited
5. Breakups = Cuddle sessions & LOTS of ice cream
6. Friends that drink together, stay together
7. NEVER let a friend get caught being trashed
8. You mess with one bitch, you get both
9. Help with that text back to a cute boy
10. Let her know when she's banging or when her bra no longer fits her
11. Don't lie to cover up your mistakes, best friends can get over anything EXCEPT lies
12. Your mom & your best friend are the first to spot a fake bitch/ fuckboy LISTEN!!!
13. You buy each other food even though you both are broke bitches
14. Make time for each other, the boy can wait
15. ALWAYS sing together, and out of pitch
16. All texts are CONFIDENTIAL
17. Love each other through all life's bullshit