Today I put my hand in the pocket of your hoodie

I swear thats all I did; but that small action made me think about so many things. The main thing was... I love you

Basically I just snuck up on you, and shoved my hand in your pocket and claimed I was cold. It was honestly just something spontaneous, and while I'm sure you thought nothing of the next two times i rested my hand in your pocket, I thought everything of it.

I'm never really ever romantic with you, I get nervous every time I'm near you and I can never meet eyes with you because to me I feel like you'll find out the truth...I feel like you'll find out I'm in love with you, which scares me.

Shoving my hand in your pocket was the most bravest thing that I've done that involved touching you. It may seem wimpy or like I'm not courageous but it was.

For the rest of that day I missed you, to be honest I don't even know why, I just knew that I wanted a hug from you, for your body to be close to mine...anything.

I guess I've never been that good at lies, but the best lie I ever told was that I only think of you as a friend;
And that I only want you, as a "friend."