You would think you got your life figured out. got your hair a couple inches longer and you no longer wait for he’s texts or anyone else’ s love cause you decided you were enough but then when you’re just trying to get through a tuff day you remember him; his eyes his heartbeat and how he likes his coffee in the morning you remember how your heart was a secret garden surrounded by big walls he never got the nerve to overcome because darling he didn’t notice the universe in your eyes when you were lost in his. he didn’t notice how your eyes squint and your lips curl when you laugh, you were the moon and he was shooting for the stars yet you settled for the love u think you deserve .you were so dumb you didn’t know what love meant so u guessed it was hard and its normal for him to ignore you’re texts and instead of finding someone who would redefine what love meant or looking at the mirror and hugging the curves he never liked you settled for a cage instead of getting the freedom that u deserved . see darling you were too smart often too sad because you’re not fooled by the world like anyone else until he came with he’s plane brown eyes that were never plane for you so you had to cut yourself too short to fit the little description box and labels he had made for you . u hid your intelligence and beautiful mind too afraid that he will think you’re a nerd a bit different from the barbies of the world. Love has made you so blind that you forgot to find beauty in your imperfections and love the madness of your thoughts. Different was all u wanted to be until love and society came along, he made you believe you weren’t enough and u thought he was your world and u would have nothing if he left but the trees were blooming far before he came all he did was show what you were missing (quote) then like many things temporary he left . He took off and left you dealing with the reality you didn’t accept but honey you were brave. picked yourself up piece by piece and still believed in the goodness of the world ; u read and loved books a little more and convinced yourself that the world never stopped and the sun still rises each morning even after he left so you honey are proof that queens can be kings too and even though you moved on karma served him what he deserved when he saw you as beautiful as ever sitting in a café holding a book , he watched as the sunset turned you’re dark brown eyes hazel and wondered how a girl like you once wasted tears over an asshole like him . NOTE ; i'm not a native english speaker so if any mistakes were found i'm sorry and i hope u enjoyed my first article