****DISCLAIMER: In no way, shape, or form am I trying to be negative or hateful. I am simply stating MY OPINION and if you don't like it, don't even take time to say anything.

Now I don't like Taylor Swift. Her music? it's fine I can bop to it or whatever but I'm not a fan of her as a "role model" and here is why. She claims to be a feminist and be all about empowering women but she always has beef/drama with other female celebrities. Now just because she has drama with women shouldn't mean she's not a feminist but when she's having drama with fellow female celebrities her fanbase will start to drag/degrade whomever she's at war with, and her fans will also put Taylor above the said female. Now it may not be Taylor's fault but she could at least tell her fans to back off, but does she? No, never and then she also never says anything until said female does, that is when she decides to speak up and be like "Guys nothing was ever going on between me and insert name here" that's what bothers me so much. Moral of this is I just don't believe she's a feminist if she allows such things to happen and I also believe she's extremely money horny and although her being money horny is relevant to this article I'll save it for another time (maybe, this isn't a "I hate Taylor Swift" page so I'm not sure) but yeah thank you for reading