Yesterday I was listening Melanie Martinez's masterpiece album : Cry Baby and I had this idea of article.

It's gonna be the first volume of a serie that I called "Similar Artists".

The concept is simple, I propose artist who make me think of the person the theme is about (here Melanie Martinez) in term of vibe, voice or universe.

So here we go !

Allie X

girl, black, and grunge image black and white, music, and singer image b&w and allie x image allie x image

What define the most Melanie Martinez I think it's her universe. Cry Baby for exemple has it's own story and it's what make the album so sensational. When I watch Allie X's clip it reminds me of Melanie because she created her own character. Plus, there's always a hidden meaning in her songs.

" I know that boy's gonna rip me up 'cause he ain't that nice, he won't do right. "

That Poppy

poppy image that poppy image poppy and that poppy image poppy and that poppy image

The first time that you see Poppy or hear one of her song, you're gonna think: God, she's weird what am I looking at ? But that girl is definitely talented and she makes me think about Melanie because of her originality.

" I finally found a friend,his name's nobody and he loves me."

Zella Day

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Zella Day and Melanie Martinez's voices are really similar. If I didn't know every Melanie's songs, I could think that it was her singing 'Sweet Ophelia' (Zella song). And her music is absolutly awesome.

" Magnetic everything about you, you really got me now. "

Hayley Kiyoko

hayley kiyoko image hayley kiyoko image asian, japanese, and lgbt image hayley kiyoko image

When we think about it, Melanie and Hayley doesn't really have anything in common. But I can't help thinking that they've got the same vibe. When I do playlist, their songs always end together.

" Girls like girls like boys do, nothing new. "

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