Onew Is the leader, and oldest member, of the five member kpop group Shinee, although Shawols don't know him personally we know a lot about him. He is the most caring person ever and seems like he could never harm a fly. He cares about everyone so much that he dropped out of 'Age of youth' season two, not wanting to effect the rest of the cast because of the negative things recently said about him over the misunderstanding of the club situation. Shawols will always love and support him, and if they support 4 out of 5 of Shinee they are not a Shawol. I feel so bad that Onew felt the need to not support with the rest of Shinee in their 'Shinee World V Special Edition' Japan shows this weekend. Where ever he is I hope he is resting and isn't too upset or stressed over everything going on. He puts everyone first over himself and that is very kind of him but it breaks my heart that he feels like he needs to do that in order for everything to be right.
His smile makes us smile as Shawols we need to help him smile too.
Don't let this misunderstanding bring you down, Shinee is known not to have drama so people are blowing this out and spreading the false facts.