Yenifer means the fair one and white enchantress, but also sometimes sol. A nickname given to me by my mother, for when I was small, my hair used to stand out like rays of sunlight. I wonder if that was the beginning of my love and hatred for the sun.

My name means compassion. When i see others hurt i feel what they feel, but not necessarily understand. It means an energetic spirit. For i laugh and laugh and smile. And i think deep thoughts to seek a better soul. Caring, something people describe Yenifer to be. I care for everyone, even when they hurt me. I even care for strangers walking down the street. People who don’t have the same skin color or religious beliefs. I care for them all.

It is the number three. When you do one horrible act, the consequences come back in threes. It is the rainbow that symbolizes my sexual orientation. It is in memory of the second born granddaughter from the lineage of a Mexican family. It will be engraved on my headstone. My name means many different things to many different people. To me, Yenifer means the name my father gave me when i first made my entrance into this world.