Hello, it's me, Miu again :) I myself have three tests coming up in the next week, so today I've decided to give all of you amazing people some study tips every student should know.

#1: To Do Lists

Any time you need to study or work on something, it is a must to stay organised and make some to-do lists. By doing this, you will be able to easily see the work you need to do, being able to get it done easier. This helps especially if you break up your tasks into smaller tasks, so then you can feel a sense of accomplishment every time you finish them.

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now it is not a necessity to have you to do lists looking this pretty, but if it motivates you, feel free to do it.

#2: Time Management

Time management is SO important when studying. When I get home from school, I wash my face, have a snack, get changed and get on with my work. I like to manage my time by, for example, allowing half an hour for my humanities homework and an hour my essay.

Image by Bethan Mullen

#3: Procrastination

I myself procrastinate all the time and I feel like shit for it. A good way to stop procrastinating is to use the app forest: what it does is that you go on the app and when you 'start focusing', a tree begins to grow. But the catch is that every time you leave the app to do something else, that tree dies. So using this, you could build up a forest (aye, get it) and visually see how much you've studied. Also, at one point, if you collect enough trees, a real one is planted somewhere in the world :)

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#4: Music

The kind of music you listen to while studying is crucial. I've heard somewhere that when listening to music, your brain is wired to process the words, making it harder to concentrate. Some kinds of music i recommend for studying includes :

  • piano covers - since I don't like listening to classical music, I prefer to listen to piano or violin covers of my favourite songs.
  • ambient noise - for some people, ambient noises like rain or the sounds of nature are the way to go. I agree that this definitely does help me focus, but I prefer things more musical.
  • music box covers - i think that music box covers are the cutest thing ever and since there are no vocals, it definitely helps me focus!
  • game or movie soundtracks - you may not notice this but in the backgrounds of some movies, tv shows and games, there are some of the most beautiful sounds! Some of my favourite soundtracks are from studio ghibli movies.
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Your Study Space

Your study space is crucial when it comes to studying and there is one thing i want to put out there - please, do not study on your bed! It is considered unhealthy and you can easily get a sore back or neck from leaning down for long periods of time.
Your study space should consist of a sturdy desk, a light source and a good desk chair. It should be comfortable, away from any distractions or unwanted noise and make you feel happy and inspired. If it helps, burn some incase or a candle. My study space is consists of a large wooden desk with a storage compartment underneath, a desk lamp and is placed in front of my window.

inspiration, laptop, and motivation image
just to let you know, this isn't my desk, I wish it was though. Goals.

I hope this helped you, I'd love to hear some feedback from you!

- xoxo Miu

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