You always see Posts in the media of heartbroken girls, you hear stories about how the evil guy hurt the innocent girl and left her broken behind wothout carring about what he´s done.
For me, these stories don´t apply.
Months ago, I met this amazing boy, who was not only so stunning handsome but also in his own way kind, funny and sweet. And hot, he was so hot because he had this self-confidence I would never see with anybody else. He exactly knows what he wants, he works for it and sometimes he messes up, but I think he learns from his mistakes. He is a great person, and I didn`t see it. I saw the guy media always talks about: the mean one, the fuckboy, the one that just uses you and then leaves.
I coulnd´t be more wrong.
He liked me. I think admitting that was hard for him because he´s not the kind of person who often likes somebody. But he really liked me. And I treated him like shit.
For the record, I fell for this guy from the very beginning. But how could someone like him ever have real feelings for me? So I pretended I´d only use him for sex. Better hurt than get hurt, that´s what I thought.
Don´t ever hurt somebody on purpose, like I did. The feeling of knowing that I destroyed something that could have turned out to be something so special and great is the worst feeling I ever had.
I was the mistake. Not you. ME. And I have to say sorry for that. I will always be the girl that used you, will always be the girl that never believed you when you were being nice to her. I didn´t see the beautiful and incredible person you are.
I´m sorry. I love you and it will take a long time from now to get over you. And I know it´s selfish, but I hope you will remember me.
I honestly love you. I was just too scared to ever admit it.
Sonmeday, you will find the girl that sees you, that will openly love you and as hard I wished this girl was me...I just want you to be happy.

All the best,
the girl who broke your heart