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Since this concludes my first week of my first year of college, I have a lot to say. I just want to start with, this is definitely difficult. Not the part about being away from my family, but the part where everything is basically online and lack of verbal communication. Let me tell you something Adulting is something else and building new relationships. The making " friends " part was not going very well for me and my roommates until about 48 hours ago. I'm still not satisfied as they are only party type... I can't turn up or I'll lose my scholarship. Plus they seem shady, I just can't. I'd have to say keeping up with online assignments and this new level of independence is more than I can explain. I'm not sure when to feel stressed and when to feel tired. Just to add onto it, I feel like that one left of lesbian that everyone is like eh. Talk to me loves how's school going for you?
xoxo Plum

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