As she was sitting on the bench
surrounded by trees, she could feel
a light breeze that send shivers down her spine,
a breeze that made her heart even colder that before.
She was done with her memories,
she wanted every single summer memory to disappear,
and she was determined to make that happen,
until a familiar face sat down next to her.
She looked him straight in the eyes
and suddenly felt nothing.
She didn’t feel that burning feeling in her chest,
or that heavy pounding in her heart,
she was dead. Every emotion connected with this person was gone.
Not long until his hand slipped into hers and suddenly her eyes got wider,
her heart skipped a beat, and a small grin appeared on her face. But then,
the pain overcame her. She pulled away knowing this is wrong, knowing the pain he caused her.
Her escape was unsuccessful as her hands were now clutched, and her eyes once again meet his.
As strands of her long hair moved from the beautiful summer breeze, she just stood there staring at
him, with pain in her eyes, while a tear rolled down her cheek. A gentle kiss on the nose,
made her heart burst but she was not ready for her hurricane.
“I love you”- three words that came out of his mouth and disappeared in the breeze.
Her face lit up, because her beautiful summer breeze just announced a storm near by.