Hello Everyone,

This week has been the busiest week I've had in a long time (summer is officially over, yikes), but finally got the chance to start my advice articles!

My first suggestion that came in was made by the lovely Tim Crowhurst (@timjcrow), so thank you for contacting me!

He asked me to give advice to those in the We Heart It community struggling with writing and/or blogging. So I'm here to give you a few tips :)

1: Write From Your Heart

This is probably the biggest tip I can give you. You want to write about what touches you, what makes you feel something. You want to be in love with what you talk about since writing is your biggest outlet of expression. Write what you feel and see where it takes you. It's an amazing way to release stress. It gets everything off of your chest without even speaking a word out loud. It's beautiful.

2: Don't Stress

Writing may be frustrating or stressful, but I think it is always good to remind yourself that writing does not need to be perfect. It has no guidelines. I mean, of course there is grammar and sentence structure and all of that. But take all of that away for a second: whats left afterwards? Two things.

Your thoughts and your words. AKA the most two important things that come along with writing. So forget those guidelines and write whatever the heck you want, don't let all the other stuff prevent you from expressing whatever it is you want to express. You have a voice, so write what you want! Worry about all the other stuff later on.

3: Don't Force It

Let your feelings and words come to you, don't go looking for them. Feel them and then express them. I can't urge that enough.

When people force their writing it never has the same effect. but when you put your heart, soul, and emotion into a piece of writing, your emotion oozes through the words and touches the person reading it, whether it be optimism, depression, or inspiration. To sum it up, have meaning in what you write.

4: Don't Think Too Hard

Don't think out what you write. Let your hand and mind figure that out. What I mean by that is that when you start writing, don't overthink it, just jump into it. See where it takes you. Let it flow, for the most beautiful writing tends to happen this way. Of course when you have an idea go ahead and try to elaborate on that. But don't go looking for the ideas, let the ideas come to you and just go for it. Don't hesitate.

Looking back at what I just typed, that seems sort of confusing. But just wing it, whether it be a quote, poem, song, or even book idea.

5: Put in the Effort

Lastly, you have to put in work. Every writer does. Depending on how much you want to write, it can take hours of revision.

Before we even get that far, though, like I said, put in the effort. Nothing you love will ever be work free, you have to have the passion to accomplish anything you aspire to do or be.

So if you want to write, write. Write anything, and get in the habit of doing it. After you write then elaborate on your thoughts. After you finish elaborating, go back and fix any grammar mistakes and revision the crap out of it. Perfecting your writing is a huge part in getting your full point across and to help the readers understand.

TIP: When you want to write, sit down and ask yourself a few things:

-What's something I'm passionate about?
-What do I love?
-What do I want people to know?
-What do I believe is important?

And go on from there.

It's a process, but a enjoyable one. It's all worth it when it's done. I promise.

But most importantly, don't give up.

Hopefully this helped somewhat. It's all I can think of for now, but if I remember something else I might go in and add to it later on.

I'll be writing an article soon on how I got my start with We Heart It and how I came a long posting my writing so be sure to look out for that one! When I finish writing it I'll be sure to link it in here :)

If you want to send in a suggestion for my next advice piece, please message me! Always looking for new things to write and I'd be beyond thankful if you did. I'm always here to help. We're all going through life together and it'd be great to have everyone come together and lend a helping hand.

I'll always be here for you.

All the love,


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