Hey guys! Yeeeeyyy it's friday !!!!
Like many of you I've been waiting all week for Friday, and here it is !. I had a rather stressful week, and on Monday I had a history exam that required a lot of study and stress. And I think I'm not the only one who needs to relax. So I would like to share some activities for you that will make your weekend the best ever! So, here they go ...

Sleep: Okay, that's what weekends are for. Be sure to recharge all the energies you lost in the week, sleeping as much as you want, however you want, whenever you want. It's about relaxing and enjoying your weekend to the fullest. Just relax and be proud of the effort you've made throughout the week. You can enjoy carrying blankets and if you prefer, some cushions and stuffed animals are not too bad. I really like big teddies !. Anyway, create your "relax" atmosphere and get to sleep, and sleep ...

Dress in pajamas: If you prefer, you could be all day at home, in pajamas, and you'll be super comfortable. A long sweater would not be bad either! you just have to be comfortable and relaxed, to forget about all your worries.
You can make a messy bun and take off your makeup completely.

Watch movies or series: Throw yourself in your bed or on your couch and enjoy a new chapter of your favorite netflix series, or watch movies. You can invite a friend, or you can enjoy being alone at home! Order something you like, the idea is not to cook anything, if you cook. Just relax and make the food come for you.
You can order what you like, (just to confess it, I love pizzas and ice cream in these times), but you order what you love !, Do not think about diets, although you must lead a healthy life, you can enjoy the end eating junk food ... But do not abuse, we do not want you to feel bad.

Listen to music: you can put music to full volume and if you are alone, you can dance and have fun from your living room or your room. There are no rules, you can do what you want. Just make sure it's not so loud, it's the weekend, and your neighbors can get upset. But, anyway, that does not matter so much. Just have fun and be yourself. You'll feel better. And do not think that you're crazy to dance alone, I'm sure even your algebra teacher does. Okay, anyway, it's a great tip to take away your stress.

Take a long bath: it's super relaxing and I recommend it a lot. you can spend in your bath for hours, as long as you want, it is your day and you must relax. You deserve it. You can listen to relaxing music while you bathe and think about the positive things about your productivity throughout the week.

Well guys, I really hope you have a great time and relax, that you are happy and prepare for the next week. I wish you had used my tips to relax and do absolutely nothing. Just do not forget to continue with your usual routine once you have spent the weekend ... But, now you have to enjoy it !!!