Okay, this hack I use to get rid of acne when it appears, I have never heard of anyone knowing about it when I tell people and I haven't seen it written about in "how to prevent acne" articles. My mother told me about this hack as she used to do it as a kid, I'm sharing it because I know you all have wondered how not to have it at least once, so I'm helping! x

All you need is salt & water. Grab a cup and put maybe a tablespoon or 2 of salt in the cup and then fill it with water about halfway or just a bit more. It depends on how big your cup is for the amounts of everything. Then all you do is dab a cotton ball or makeup pad etc in and put it on your PIMPLES ONLY, if you put it anywhere else it will dry out your skin and actually give you more.

(the salt water dries out pimples, making them disappear quicker!)

Enjoy! xox