As I know, that choosing teams in fandoms is tough. From choosing between Team Peeta and Team Gale or choosing between Team Edward or Team Jacob, every fandom has their teams to choose from.
However, the SiIvaGunner Anime probably prompted me with the hardest choice in my life. For those of you who don't watch the SiIvaGunner anime (I'm pretty sure that all of you watch it), let me explain:
In the last episode (Season 4 Episode 20), The Voice reveals to all of Grandiose City that Wood Man is actually a virus. While this isn't much of a surprise to many since it was extremely foreshadowed in past episodes, Proto-Chan, who is from the digital realm, is shocked by this. Since he is an Antivirus Program, he makes sure that with him there, no viruses will enter anyone's computer.
So, Proto ambushes Wood Man while he's hanging out with his pal Robbie Rotten-San. The episode ends with the classic "to be continued" and shows that the epic battle between Proto-Chan and Wood Man will be next episode.
After this episode was released, I began to notice that the fandom was beginning to take sides with each character. However, I can't decide. Ever since Proto-Chan was invented by Joel-Chan (In Season 3 Episode 14), I have been in love with the character. His rap is amazing, and he's the perfect superhero. However, Wood Man is also one of my favorite characters. In Mega Man 2, the only Robot Master that I had trouble beating was Wood Man, since he was such a nice boss. When Capcom finally gave SiIva Co. permission to use Wood Man in the anime, It didn't take long for him to become my favorite character. He's so nice, since he helped hhgregg begin his company and helped Felix the Cat find where his face went.
However, now they're both about to have an epic pixel battle, and I can't choose a team to side on. Can someone plz convince me to join their side in the battle?