art, Art Nouveau, and brown image

I think it's extremely important to connect with yourself from time to time.

It is very easy to get lost in everyday obligations. Things need to be taken care of. Deadlines have to be met. People around us have to be pleased.

Living this kind of life is not my cup of tea at all.

That's certainly not how I see my future.

However, last weeks have been just like this for me. I felt like I was losing my mind - and myself.

So, what I decided to do is to just put everything & everyone on hold for a few hours and do something I love - and that is to create 'art'.

I wouldn't call any of my work true art - far from it, actually - but for me, it has some kind of meaning, message, and is my way to fulfillment. It doesn't have a greater cause - e.g. it does not bring me money. And that's perfectly O.K.

I posted this photo just to show you how it looked. Here, the painting was still not finished. It is not something special, but it is very close to my heart. The painted girl brought me back to myself for those few hours that flew by. While creating anything, I am fully in the present moment and I am trying to soak it all in. It is my way of connecting with myself from time to time.

Your way may be different. Whatever it is, give into it. Take care of yourself & get to know yourself. Don't let your own life stop you from truly living it.