Hi everyone my name is Taylor (I just chose T.j because it's less basic and more eye catching I suppose) but anyway I'm more so doing this because I actually really like this articles thing and I like how everyone is using it to introduce themselves as well. Anyway here are some facts and things about yours truly:

1. I love Ariana Grande (her My Everything album is my fav)
2. I'm 18, my birthday is the 13th of January
3. To go along with my previous fact, I'm a twin (I'm older)
4. I'm a freshman in college (I'm studying to become a lawyer)
5. I love french fries they're my favorite food
6. I have a cat and I love and miss her so much
7. I'm obsessed with makeup (highlighter and mascara are my favorite)
8. Parks and Recreation, Criminal Minds and the Loud House are my 3 of my favorite shows
9. I have a blog but it failed like hell so yeah lol

Well that's all I'll be writing for today but if you guys like any of things (or even if you don't) please do not hesitate to send me a postcard. I'm so excited to hear from you all, I hope you have an amazing day