Do you like reading?
If the answer is yes then awesome

Do you have Wattpad?
If the answer is No then gurll or boii. y'all need to get it. It's FREE

If the answer is yes then I'm here to tell you that I published a story on there and I want you to give it a shot for me please xx

check out my account
essy111 -My name

I have 2 stories out and I love whats to come as I carry one writing them

The first story/book is called Amelia and It's about a girl that still mourns over her Dads death, but there is a secret behind how and who was responsible for it.
But other than that the book is romantic aff and really cliche haha. Follow Amelia as she falls in love but with lots of high school drama
The book will leave you guys gobsmacked.

so what are you waiting for? :D read it

My second story/Book is called Double hearted and it's about a girl that moves to get away from her painful past.
Romantic and cliche of course.

I don't know when you guys read it you'll understand it :) I swear it's not as boring as I explained it haha.

Have a blessed day <3