Hello. This is my first artycle. I'm not an english native speaker, so don't blame me if I have grammar errors pls.

I came here to tell you some reasons of why do I shipp the fucking sebaek? I mean, why shipp this if there is always ChanBaek and it's like confirmed or something? There are a looooot more ChanBaek moments than SeBaek/HunBaek. But here are some reasons why...

-"Baekhyun does touch everyone, not only Sehun"... yes, but why he BITES him? Does he do that with Chanyeol? no. Maybe because Sehun is the maknae, maybe not. But also I think that Baek is provocating Sehun, something that i'll abordate later.

"It's fanservice"... WHY WOULD THEY DO FANSERVICE IF THERE IS ALWAYS CHANBAEK, ONE OF THE OTPS" FROM EXO, I MEAN WHY FANSERVICING WITH SEBAEK...??? I don't know if I get to the point. If you want to do fanservice, you will give Chanbaek fsrvc because it is more famous than Sebaek.

-"It's a bromance"... maybe yes, but I don't think so. The way they look at each other says more than just friends. Yes, there are not so many moments as ChanBaek, that's why I think it's not fanservice, it's a lot more natural maybe for me.
And, I also think that Sehun really likes him, but there is Chanyeol... and Baekhyun always provocating Sehun, touching him on the tummy or grabbing his leg in a legit sexual way... I really don't know if Baekhyun has romantic feelings for Sehun, buuuuutttt he likes him bc of course Sehun is hot af. I think this love is one-sided, so as Chanbaek, both boys likes Bakehyun but he's just messing around....

Well, this is my little opinion, Is not my intention to hurt anyone or offend. It's just what I think, redactated with a HORRIBLE english but neh

Love ya all