Can someone tell me why ya'll think its okay to be second best and ruin someone's relationship or home wreck? its not cute at all... Just a lack of respect for someone and lack of SELFRESPECT. If you think its okay to ruin someone's relationship to be with their gf/bf then your dumb. Why would you wanna be with them if they cheating on their partner with you? What makes you think they wont do the same to you if they leave them for you. Its just a cycle to repeat. And the person who is doing the cheating is so stupid because what happens when you loose someone important and you have no one else. And then your side piece leaves too. Now you looking stupid. And when the two people who DONT know they are being played I feel sorry for. And when ever girls find out another woman is involved they instantly wanna fight the other woman which is stupid because you acting like she KNEW. Well that's if she did know then she deserves it. But if not then why fight them at all because the one you should be upset with is HIM!!!! He or she knew they were in a relationship and they played you. Don't get mad at the other person! Get mad at your partner who is doing the cheating. Because now you look dumb staying with them after they did you wrong. -rae889