Why do people who cheat hate getting cheated on? And why do people who lie hate being lied to? Like you just be like yeah it doesn't feel to good now does it? Because they don't like feeling what they give to others. And why do people get in to relationships to hurt people. Like if you have respect for someone you wouldn't have done that, you would have dumped them then got with someone else but instead you chose to disrespect them behind their back. And if they take you back after you cheated that means they deserve better than that because they risked their feelings again and all the judgement just to give you a SECOND CHANCE. That just means your selfish asf and deserve to be alone. And liars who lie don't like it when people lie back. I think because their insecure and jealous that if you do the same to them its unfair. Like how is it fair for me to watch you do all this to me but get into your feelings when its the other way around. How ya gonna get upset at me for having a normal convo with a guy but you can talk to a billion chicks daily. It makes no sense to me.