hello earthlings

Its such a pleasure to been write for you all again.
As you can see in the title this will be a article about Salome a play of Oscar wild and also a opera.

It was Sunday morning and i had just woken up, the morning was beautiful but my laziness made me stay in bed. As usual i turn on my computer and my tv at the same time and a tv show called " This is opera" was passing.

I had never seen this program because I found it boring
but surprisingly I ended up falling in love the first time I saw "this is opera".

They were talking about a opera call "Salome" based on Oscar wild play with the same name. i love the idea , the synopses and all the drama so i decide to present you this.

This opera was made by Richard Strauss and adapted of a Oscar wild play with the same name.however this is not a original idea of Oscar because we can see this story in the bible.

Let's go to what's important!

Salome is the daughter of Herodíades that is marry with Herod II.
In this birthday Herod gave a feast to his nobles, officers, and high dignitaries of Galilee.

At the same time that this party happen we know that Iokanaan (joao Batista) is trapped in a cell in the castle where the feast is happening.
The prophet was arrest for denouncing the barbarities of Herod and his court but he was also who baptize Yeoshua ben Yosef, later known as Jesus Christ.

The birthday seems to please everyone except Salome that decided came outside to breathe fresh air where is praised by one of the guards.
The full moon illuminates the entire garden perfectly, coming up to illuminate the cell where Iokanaan (joao Batista) is.
Curious Salome asks to see the prisoner. The soldiers refuse to bring him but Salome promises one of the guards that if he allows her to see the prophet, she will allow him to see her take a shower the next morning.Such a proposal leads to the guard eventually accepting the request for Salome.

Besides her curiosity, she also is entirely seduced by the vision of the young prophet, whom she finds extremely attractive. On the other hand Iokanaan repels her in disgust, and recommends that she be cleansed of her sins .
"Let me kiss you"- she asks but , as you can imagine, Iokanaan deny. He
returns to the cell and Salome returns to the party annoyed for not having achieved what she wanted .

Inside Herodíades is trying to convince her husband, Herod, to execute Iokanaan while being apprehensive at the way he looks at his daughter Salome. Tired of the conversation and to cheer up the party Herod asks Salome to dance and enchant the guests but who ends up enchanted is him .At the end of the dance he promises to give her everything she wants and as expected she asks for Iokanaan head.

The play/ Opera ends up with Salome kissing the head decapitated and being killed by herodes

"Well, Iokanaan, I'm alive; But you are dead and your head belongs to me."- Salome.

I hope you like this review. I seriously recommend this play and i think you should read or at least try.

See you soon!