Hi everyone who is reading this article! I'm soy exiting to write a first post, i have so much expectations about this new update. So, first i want told you that i'm not north american or english, i'm latin american so i don't speak english very well, i want get better and i would be grateful if you suggest me or send me tips to better my english and i hope you have patience if i'm wrong.

What is my objective with these articles?

Whi is like my space of motivation and inspiration, i'm student of industrial engineer and as engineer the people thing that i'm must be at a computer twenty four hours or just studying mathematics and that's not true! I want to relate my career to things that i like, like fashion industrie or cook/food industrie

So i'm going to use this space to find this relate and keep on inspiring me, i will be glad and thankful if you read my upcoming post. For last, i'll write about tips of sport, study or things that helps me in my life and maybe can help you, i would like to write in spanish too.

If you read this thank you so much and i hope see you again in my profile!

Cat. <3