School is around the corner and must admit, most people hate it...Buttt i have found a way to make it as easy and as likeable as possible for myself.
I have always loved the idea of a strong, independent, fancy ladylike woman. I imagine myself having my own business. Waking up on my own enormous and luxurious flat, wearing firm clothes like Zara and Prada, getting into my car( Range Rover since is my fav) and going to my favourite coffee shop. I sit there and everybody respects me because im a precious client...After relaxing myself with a coffee i head to my business. Once i arrive, i see the employees rushing from one corner to the other because the BOSS is here. Pretty cool huh (I like to use my imagination a lot). But there is one problem. Nothing comes for free! To go this high in life you have to climb somewhere. And if you use your head you realise that you can easily take the stairs. They may seem like a lot or tiring but i believe the end is worth it. Even tho we see it as an enemy, if fact school is our only friend. Everything else is a distraction [i would like to expand this subject in an other article]. TRUE that there might be people like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs who quit school but still they somehow became the richest people in the world, but i wouldn't take that chance. I wouldn't wanna bet my life. Is MY LIFE!! I only get to have it ONCE!!! So i intend to study hard and not let that imaginative scenario fade through time ;) Hope this inspires someone out there and decides to bring out the best of them self because i have the idea that everyone is special and caries a talent inside.It just takes a little bit of effort on finding out what it is ♥
{sorry for the long article and i realise that is a little extended, but i cant help myself because i want everyone to feel what i do and hopefully help no matter how much}