Today I wanna show you some quite good recipes which are also easy to make :)

First I`ll start with breakfast...

breakfast, food, and photography image

in my opinion pancakes are one of the best things for breakfast and they are also easy made, so here is the recipe...

chocolate, food, and pancakes image

and if you want, you can also make some chocolate into the doughit`ll be soo tasty!!


for lunch and also for dinner I really like to eat some of this meals

food, salad, and pasta image
food and healthy image
egg, shakshouka, and middle east food image
avocado, sushi, and tofu image

(I think and hope it`s quite easy for you to see how the meals have to be made)


At last I want to show you some sweets which looks sooo tasty and you really have to try them out!!

brownie, cakes, and postres image
chocolate, delicious, and appetizer. image
watermelon, summer, and wallpaper image


so I hope I was a little help for some of you and it would be great if you also take a look into my "recipe" collection, I`ll link it here for you :)