Confused. All I can say is that I am confused; it's been three hours since I sat on this bench at 10am to enjoy the sea I did not get up and my body also gave no sign for any biological need.
Who would have thought that after a race I, Sam, would not be hungry any more. My mother must have looked at me through the window five times and just waved to make sure I was alive.
I smiled because she is cute took one day to stay with me and some friends on this island so beautiful.
What causes me confusion? That's the big question.
I am simply trying to reflect on my love life,
I am sitting thinking about how they are so different but so equal and one reflects and seeks the best that the other does not have!
These three hours served to have a flashback of everything: how I met, how I reacted, how they prevailed, how nearly I died, how I am. I honestly do not mind telling you about everything because I want to stay here in this same bank for three more.
  The search is incessant the cause is just: a true boy, the ideal man. But is there five of them?