I was born as a little seed in the middle of nowhere,
I was lost, alone and fragile.
There was pain inside of me, and in my loneliness nobody could help me to
relieve that horrible feel.

There was nights in which I cried, but those tears were only useful to feed my sadness, because just the moon was my witness.
I wished I could be like her, the one who shines with her own powerful light, the one who is admired by everyone and dreamed to being caught buy every dreamer.

After the night, the sun arrived.
He touches my body, carefully, with his warm hands, and give me heat.
I felt my skin broken. It was like a pleasant painful caress. Something inside of me wanted to go out, and I let it.

So many nights and so many days are written on my skin.

I have scars of those lonely nights, when I was alone on earth, just like the moon is on the dark sky.

But something started growing up from that scars. And what was horrible became life.
I am full of colours, I breath the rainbows and the clouds everyday, since the sun wakes up until he goes to rest. Then, my petals remain opened, to greet my friend, the moon.

Because, even the sun helped me to shine, the moon was the one who hear my cried.