Does it really matters how do I look ? That question I cannot stop ask myself. Sometimes I`m in the mood for trying something new and I feel great about it I hope if it is not just me. and before go out everything is on fleek and I feel like I like myself and my look is amazing like.Most of the people cannot really understand how important is for a girl to look like she wants and to feel good in her comfort zone.
Some people are ready to make me feel bad because of my style ... Well known ...? I really hope that it is not just me and there are other girls all around the world that like somthing and they stop themselfs of wearing it because of what will people think ...
I am writing this article because I wanna tell tou something girls... Nobody really cares how do you look and nobody will actually notice if your shoes go with your bag , or the fact that you are jeans person and today you wear a skirt . BUT this is something good cuz they dont have to...The truth is that you are the only person that you should impress. Most of the people just dont understand you ? So what ? Does it really matter what they think or what are they going to say about the way you look . It took me a long time to learn that lesson.

Dear Girls...I know some of you may thing I am superficial . But sometimes the way we dress is more the way feel . So try not to judge the other just because of the outfit or style even if it doesnt match your way to fashion.
I hope you enjoy my article .