Hi guys! This is the first article i have written, so i haven't so much experience in this, but anyway, there are some tips that i would like to share with you guys!
Well, first and the most important...

Start Early: It's the best thing you can do when you have an exam, an oral lesson, or whatever. If you start in advance you will understand better all concepts, ideas, paragraphs, and texts; as your brain will have time to memorize large amounts of information. In addition, you will be more at ease when studying, because if we do hurry the night before the test, it is possible that we fail, and even need extra amounts of caffeine, which will only leave us nervous and uneasy when doing the test.

Have everything you need when studying: I mean we do not lack school supplies. You do not need to have many things, but here is the minimum necessary:

🔴 Post its: If you have visual memory, they will serve you. In them you can aim whatever, from mathematical formulas, tasks, exercises, everything. They are very practical and easy to get. Its adhesive allows you to place it anywhere, so you have no excuse to forget something.

🔴 Agenda: It is essential to organize, and anyone will serve you. Buy one in which they are seen in detail every day of the year, so you can organize yourself better.
There are agendas that only have rows. Anyone will be fine, but in my opinion, as I said earlier if you have a visual overview of your days, it will be easier.

🔴 Markers: They are essential to summarize, point ideas, and memorize when it comes to studying. I think the best ones are pink, yellow, orange, green, maybe heavenly, or if you prefer, pastel colors are also beautiful.
Nor should you forget essential pens: red, blue and black.

Get organized: Staying organized is very important, and it all starts from that habit. Keep in mind that all your subjects must be in place, you must be neat when you write, you should not lose your notes or your leaves. You must worry about having everything in order, your case, your backpack, the different notebooks and folder. Although it does not seem to be of great importance, believe me, that's where it all starts.

Separate your works in different folders or files, use separators for each subject, and you can have color clips, stickers, or anything you consider necessary. Just try to have everything in place, and you will not lose more usefulness than you probably already have anywhere.

Pay attention in class: Yes, surely you listened a thousand times. But to succeed as a student you must have this in mind. It's amazing how paying attention can make things easier. History, physics, mathematics, administration, are examples of subjects where paying attention will save your life. If you do not do it regularly, start practicing it. Your studies will change to 100%.

Motivate yourself when it comes to studying: There is no worse thing to study than hating what we study. It's just tedious and boring. You can motivate yourself in many ways, for example, studying history can help you understand the present and predict the future, perhaps. Studying math and administration may in the future have many more probabilities than the person who did not study. Imagine yourself surprising people with your knowledge about that boring stuff. You can propose goals, propose to study two leaves and eat a sweet, another two, another sweet. I did it several times and ended up getting great notes that surpassed the rest. Everything is to improve you, improve your education, your future. That is high school, it is the school that allows you to improve your knowledge and your future is close. Never give up, YOU CAN.

Have a healthy lifestyle: It may be difficult to build your routine like the one before: getting up early, going to school, going back, studying, doing homework, doing sports. And when I say "healthy lifestyle," I mean being physically and mentally healthy. Eat healthy, have a good breakfast. If you like sports, ahead, it's very good for you. Drinking water will help your neurons, and your body will stay hydrated. Do not forget to lose your interests, activities outside the school are essential because they will keep you distracted and not so stressed out. Do not forget to go to bed early and respect the weekdays, do not watch movies and eat pizza the night before Monday, or a busy day, but first of all, it is best to be relaxed and see the positive side of everything. Maybe this is not a tip of study, but I swear it will do.

Well guys, those were my advice. I hope you put some of them into practice and that they serve you. Maybe you were already hiring them, maybe not, but if you want I can write an article advising you if things become difficult. Do not forget to write to me if you need anything, I will always be there to help you and I will always respond.