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10. Speed

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Quick: If you write Quickly, it means you're Impatient and hate Delays and Time Wasters.

Slow: If you write Slowly, it means you're Organized than Others, Methodical, and Self-Reliant.

11. Signature

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Unreadable: If your Signature is Basically Unreadable, it means you're Very Private and hard to Read or Understand.

Readable: If your Signature is Readable, it means you are Confident and Comfortable in your own skin. You don't need to pretend to be someone else except for you own self.

12. Writing 'I' to Refer to Yourself

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Larger 'I': If you write your 'I' Larger than other Capital Letters, it means you're often Ignorant.

Smaller 'I': If you write your 'I' Smaller than other Capital Letters, it means you're Happy with yourself.

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